Clinically both states evince a feeling of heaviness and fullness in the vagina, a feeling of incomplete emptying of the bladder, urinary urgency. In gynecological examination establishes formation, filling the vagina. In incomplete emptying of the bladder often helps women through the act of micturition reposition of prolapse through the vagina with his finger.

Rectocele – herniated rectum to the vagina due to weakening or rupture of barrier or due to stretching of the posterior vaginal wall. Also called drop back vaginal wall. Clinically manifest with swelling and a feeling of fullness in the vagina, difficulty with defecation can be taken to push the rectum with a finger in the vagina.

Enterotsele – prolapsed of the Douglas space and its contents (abdominal organs) in the vagina. It occurs more often in women after menopause and hysterectomy.

Static diseases female genital belongs and uterine descent and prolapse. The decline in cervical interspinalnata shall be designated descent and passage through himenalniya ring – as prolapse.

Propalsat, in turn, can be divided part (in himenalniya ring passes the cervix and part of the vagina) and full (vagina is paid out and in front of the vulva, between a woman’s legs as the uterus is located between the vaginal walls).

Descent of the uterus occurs with discomfort, back pain, feeling of a foreign body in the vagina (this is the declining cervix). Prolapse at creating conditions for decubitus ulceration and bleeding from the friction of the bodies in the skin of a woman’s legs. Urination is considerably hampered, and in some cases leads to chronic urinary retention.

What is the treatment?

The choice of treatment depends on the woman’s age, general condition and her need to preserve the reproductive functions. In young women with no symptoms and low-grade prolapse apply gymnastics, estrogens and pessaries. When symptoms worsen quality of life, it is recommended surgery.